Healthare farms

About the project

​In the four houses live 28 inhabitants. They can no longer live independently because they suffer from dementia or require intensive care due to physical limitations. In addition, the residents have even more in common: they have all spent their lives in the outskirts of De Peel. Most of them have their roots in Zeilberg or in the surrounding parts of Deurne.

In brief:

In this project:

Full attention to the resident

This is precisely why the care facility “De Zorgboog” had four farms built on the outskirts of Zeilberg. Zeilberg and Deurne are home to many people who have lived in agricultural areas all their lives. With plenty of space around them and an unobstructed view.

So, all these features are reflected in the small residential complex. The interior looks homey and rural, with soothing colors and the look of wooden floors.

Our Ambiente planks fit right in with their style. The planks are fully glued and easy to clean. All the comforts of an easy-care floor, yet the warm look and feel of wood.