Ambiente, luxury vinyl planks

The Tajima Ambiente collection is a luxury range of vinyl planks in wood designs. The Ambiente product is produced using high-quality materials, including a high-resolution (HD) film print that gives the products an exclusive and realistic look. The Ambiente collection consists of 31 colors, which are extremely suitable for commercial applications such as shops, restaurants, care centers and offices.

The dry-back wood designs are available in the size 1.219,2 x 228,6 mm and 1.219,2 x 177,8 mm. Our floors are of the highest quality and have a PU coating. The Ambiente product has a top layer of 0,55 mm and a total thickness of no less than 3 mm!



Ambiente 3309

Ambiente 5020

Ambiente 6009

Ambiente 6010

Ambiente 6011

Ambiente 6012

Ambiente 6014

Ambiente 6020

Ambiente 6206

Ambiente 6420

Ambiente 6603

Ambiente 6607

Ambiente 6609

Ambiente 6612

Ambiente 6620

Ambiente 6623

Ambiente 6624

Ambiente 6650

Ambiente 6652

Ambiente 6660

Ambiente 6661

Ambiente 6710

Ambiente 6943

Ambiente 8101

Ambiente 8203

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