DENIM, the Loose lay Jeans

Tajima Denim is a real denim floor! To be installed as Loose Lay, the tiles are 500 x 500 mm. You get a nice worn floor due to the wear and the aging process. The original charm of denim fabric.

The “Denim Floor”, officially announced in February 2018, was immediately launched not only in Japan, but also in New York and Canada, and was well received. It was highly rated and won the Good Design Award 2018!



Item no: DML-101
tajima-denim-before tajima-denim-after

The aging process

The appeal of denim is that it will change. In our tests, we saw a color change after about a year of use. Instead of getting dirty and dark, on the contrary, the colors were bright. It’s the real thrill of denim. The colors change when people walk. This is something only denim can do. The reason denim whitens with use is due to the manufacturing method of dyeing with indigo. Denim fabric is made by dyeing pure white yarn with indigo. 

Video's denim floor

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